Tuesday, May 5, 2009

taking a week off

puppies foster will be on hiatus this week. DH took the laptop with him on his trip and for some reason i can't upload pics to blogger from our home PC. and i'm pretty sure AZ wouldn't appreciate me blogging at work! (not that i have time to anyway!)
i have some good pics and stories to post so stay tuned next week!
we're off to HOTlanta this weekend for my BFs wedding! so excited!! so i'll be back with many fun updates and stories to share!
MANY THANKS in advance to unkie mike, who is coming to hudson and staying with foster while we're away!


  1. Yay for your trip to Atlanta! Can't wait to see you!!!! xoxox


  2. I wish we could watch puppy while you are on your trip. Mike will have lots of fun! Who wouldn't?

  3. Unkie mike is so excited except for the rain :(

  4. look at all these comments!!!! woohoo!!!!