Friday, May 1, 2009


hey blog readers!
i'm wondering who's out there reading my blog? do you enjoy it? are there other things you'd like to see?
i understand some people like blog stalking, i do a bit of that myself. but if you are out there reading and you like puppies foster gimmie a shout out in the comments section!
a big THANKS to my faithful readers who are always giving me love:
  • my mom
  • my sis
  • my SIL laura
  • my friend marisa
  • my friend (and fellow blogger) liz
  • my friend (and fellow blogger) catie
  • my MIL
hope to hear from some more people soon!!
have a great weekend!


  1. I read at least once a week -but don't think I've ever commented! The kids love looking at Foster and see how he is growing! I loved how we had a shout out on our anniv -that was great! We hope to see you soon...

  2. I read it all the time and occasionally comment, I guess you forgot about me!!!! :) xoxo See you next week!


  3. I always read this thing but i would feel to much like mum or kate to comment sorry :(

  4. It's a funny thing- commenting- I think people who have blogs understand the elation at receiving a comment. I read my sister's blog for a year and never commented- she never said anything but now I know how much she would have loved hearing my thoughts in comment form... luckily she does not hold it against me and comments on my blog :) :)

  5. I also read it all the time, you do a wonderful job, keep it up.


  6. Tri always looks at it and so do I. We love seeing our dog in law. (You and David too! :))

  7. Jenna reads it all the time too. We both have your blog saved to our favs. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  8. hey - we check it out from time to time....i love comments on our blog too. they are fun! it is great to see you and dave too - his hair has grown longer like foster has gotten bigger. =)
    julie and jay

  9. Hi! What up? ... I just tried posting to you and it didnt seem to work so Im trying again ... Im out here and I dont get to read your blog as often as I would like to but I do pop in to see how you are. I heard a reference to "Paradise Island" the other day and it smade me miss you & the Vernon days! :) - Des xo

  10. I try to read whenever I get a chance, that is when, you know, AZ doesn't mind :) I love this blog. It's great! Keep on updating it with fresh pics!

  11. I read the blog all the time....and Marisa just showed me what I was doing wrong every time that I try to comment.....I love puppies Foster!!!