Thursday, April 23, 2009

wake up daddy!

DH has been working crazy hours lately as it is his field season, bird surveys early in the AM and around dusk. not to mention it's almost turkey hunting season which also requires him to get up at the a**-crack of dawn. well i guess 'requires' isn't the right word but whatever.
all this wandering around looking for birds has resulted in one tired hubby.....and one frustrated puppy.
wake up daddy! if you could just throw this ball......ok puppy i'll play with you :) foster has also started sitting his back legs & butt onto the couch lately. not his whole body because he knows he's not allowed to do that. i think because he's as tall as the couch now and when someone's scratching that spot above his tail, well he likes to make himself comfortable!


  1. Very cute pictures. Especially that first one.

  2. These pics are too funny! And he yells at me for sleeping too much!

  3. He is too cute!!! "Wake up and play with me Daddy!!!!"