Tuesday, April 28, 2009

puppy mange

unfortunately foster has come down with another puppy illness. after our last trip down to CT we noticed a spot on his face. we thought he just got nipped by hunter or steely so we waited for it to get better. well after a few weeks it hadn't got better, it got worse. so i took him to the vet this past friday and it turns out he has mange. mange is a mite that burrows into the hair follicle and causes an infection. pretty much all adult dogs have mites, they only cause a problem in puppies because of their developing immune system. we've started giving him a 5% benzoyl peroxide ointment that will hopefully help speed up the healing process. the vet has assured us that foster is a normal puppy and just like babies they get sick alot during their first year while their immune system is growing.
hopefully he'll be all better soon!
p.s.-the brown bear is 9 months old and up to 70lbs now!!


  1. Oh no! I was hoping it was just a scratch. Glad to hear he's on meds now.

  2. Poor Foster. He takes after his Memere.