Wednesday, April 22, 2009


now that it's getting nice out on a semi-regular basis we've moved on to working on the outside of the house. we made alot of progress last weekend. dave cut out a bunch of the japanese yews from the front of the house.
here's a before and afterand he's also started pruning and mulching the various hedges around the front and side of the house too.i have begun the rather arduous task of digging out a spot for my vegetable garden. i picked a spot next to the back shed. it get tons of sunlight during peak hours and according to our neighbors the people before us grew tomatoes there too. turns out our soil is VERY rocky. so i spent a few hours digging a one-a-half foot hole and pulling out roots and rocks of all shapes and sizes. i'll probably have to do that in 2 or 3 more spots too-can you say fun?! it will all be worth in the end when we have all sorts of yummy summer veggies tho-i hope!
here's a few pics of puppy to tide you over till next time. i promise the next post will be all foster!

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