Thursday, April 9, 2009

sleeping giant state park

last weekend we swung by sleeping giant state park in hamden, CT with dave & michelle, their daughter daniella & silver lab steely. it was a beautiful sunday morning and the puppies had quite alot of fun running around together.
big d & little dstump chair what a good model! uncle dave & danisteely was a bit timid about going in the water. foster the otter helped him along and he eventually got in the water with him! here's a few other fun pics from the morning thanks for a fun walk guys!


  1. I came across your blog because I love googling info about chocolate labs. I have a chocolate lab named Sasha, she's 6 months and 50 pounds also! They grow so fast. How is the training coming along?

  2. hey there, thanks for your comment! i don't mean to brag but foster is really good at his commands! and now that he loves swimming my hubby will really ramp up the hunting-type training. hopefully things continue to go well!