Tuesday, April 21, 2009

our first easter

i know, i know you missed me....er.....i mean foster the puppy. i took last week off blogging to exercise, shop, read and crash early. i had like 10 magazines to read thanks to my mum. so you can blame her for the delay in posts!!
anyhoo, we hosted easter this year at our house. our first holiday in the new house! i broke out my ol' arts & crafts skills and made a fun easter-themed egg decoration for the door. i was pretty impressed with myself. thanks better homes & gardens for the idea! i snapped a pic of the table too. it was pretty unanimous that this is the ugliest tablecloth that anyone has ever seem but it reminded me of an old hippie tapestry and i got it on sale so i don't care what anyone else thinks, i like it even if it doesn't match the walls. dave of course did all the cooking (i am such a lucky wife!) and it was all quite yummy! i did an easter egg hunt for my nephews which they seemed to really enjoy! here's a few pics.
find the eggs teddy!no time to stop looking auntie... breakin' into the loot...no post can go without a few pics of this blogs namesake! here's me & the puppy on a walk on easterand me & all the boys playin' fetch happy belated easter everyone!


  1. Looks like everyone had a great time! (Yes, the table cloth is ugly...sorry!)

  2. I like the table cloth Meg!! We must have the same hippie tastes :) Looks like you had a great Easter and that Foster is doing well!