Wednesday, April 8, 2009

hangin' in NH, CT

for those of you who aren't in the know, NH is what dave refers to his hometown in CT as. so yes we were in CT...NH, CT. just keeping y'all on your toes! how many people actually read this blog that aren't in the know anyway?? i guess there may be a few.
anyhoo, we spent most of the day last saturday at mom & dad s' place. foster had fun playin' in the yard and getting all sorts of love from his grandma & grandpa.....including a few sneak treats! i was very good at remembering to take pics this weekend! (snaps for me!) here's a few from bout another flashback? foster's first visit to NH back in early october and then again a few days ago sigh......he used to be so little! he's still a very sweet boy tho!
saturday night we went over our friend's tracy & jeff's place to hang out and watch the uconn game (booo). foster had fun making friend's with their dog hunter! hunter is a 5 y.o. american black lab. they spent quite lot of time together playing tug-of-war with a tennis ball bumper. we now need to get foster one of these toys! he kept stealing it away and taking off!
thanks for a fun visit guys!

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