Saturday, January 3, 2009

holiday adventures part 1-CT

we travelled down to CT for christmas eve and day celebrations with the S family. here's foster getting comfy in mom's car for the drive down. we had a wonderful visit with family, including cousin katie's yellow lab cooper! i didn't take any pics of this visit but you can go to an old post to see more of cooper. foster was a pretty well-behaved puppy at grandma & grandpa's house. waiting patiently to go outside......basking in the sun........foster was showered with gifts from family!! on christmas eve cousin katie and fiance bob gave foster a super fun orange and blue boomerang! he LOVES this one! he very enthusiastically retrieves it over and over again. i took some pics of this mornings fun with boomerang. on christmas morning he got one of his current favorites....his new rabbit!!thanks grandma & grandpa S!! foster got several other fun gifts but for now i have put them away so he's not on new toy overload. stay tuned aunt mary,uncle larry & cousin maggie-foster will have plenty of fun with your gifts in the coming months too! thanks everyone for your generosity!!
stay tuned for more updates on holiday fun with the M family in MA......

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