Monday, January 5, 2009

meeting baby norah!

i headed back down to CT the day before NYE to visit with my good friend (and new mom!) marisa and her newest littlest one norah! you might remember seeing her face a few months ago on her birthday! hubby won the argument to keep puppy with him so i traveled solo but got to visit with marisa's other baby, her beagle murphy-girl!
here's a few pics from my visit........norah-bearmommy and babysleeping with one sockmarisa and murphy-girlthe girl with her new favorite toy from auntie meg!it was a super fun visit! marisa is a total natural at being a mom!

and since this is foster's blog i guess i'll throw an obligatory picture of him in here at the end.


  1. That baby is just too cute! Foster is cute too!

  2. Good. Nee. That baby. is missing. a sock.

  3. Yay! Norah's been blogged!!!!