Monday, January 26, 2009

pig's ear!

for foster's 6 month birthday i splurged and got him a couple of pig's ears! now i assumed a pig's ear treat was actually a pig's ear. my co-worker's agree, DH does not. PLEASE lend me your 2 cents and lemme know-what exactly is a pig's ear dog treat?
i snapped a couple of pics of foster enjoying his prize. he wasn't sure about it at first but give that dog any amount of time with something and he'll start trying to eat it.

more fun pics of foster with his favorite new friend rabbit tomorrow!


  1. Yes they are dried flavored pigs ears. At least so I believe. The king gets super possessive of such treats so he is prohibited from having any. He, on occasion, will get a bully stick- which is worse than pig ears-- dried bull penis... Yeah dogs like gross things. :)

  2. Yummy! I like to eat pigs too! Mmmmmm....bacon!

  3. Vin believes they are really pigs ears and are very fatty - so not too many of them should be given to Foster-MIL

  4. What a nice mom! :) They look real to me. My dad's friend owns a pig farm and once gave us a few pig's legs for the dog to chew on. Gross...