Wednesday, January 21, 2009

hanging out with timber & zeke

last weekend we went over our friend's ken & beth's place to watch some football, eat some snacks and play with timber and zeke! timber is a 4 y.o. husky and zeke is an 8 y.o. bulldog and both are super sweet. foster has met timber once before but this was his first time meeting a little meatball like zeke.all the boys seemed a bit tired, timber and zeke from snowshoeing, foster from hanging out with baron sat night (more to come on that later when mali sends me the pics!), so it was a low key evening.
zeke briefly entertained the idea of playing with the brown bear cub.....
what good boys!
thanks for having us over!


  1. These pictures are so cute. When he was young, my cousin had a kennel full of huskies for his sled dog racing in NH.

  2. Notice that Foster has pulled Zeke's collar off, and Zeke decided he was done with Foster.