Tuesday, January 20, 2009

6 months old and 50 lbs!!

foster hit the 6 month mark today! and i just happened to swing by the vet's office yesterday to pick up some heartworm medicine so i had him climb up on the ol' scale and guess what-50 lbs!!! it seems like just yesterday he was a tiny little 10 lb pup who couldn't go up or down stairs. it's crazy how time flies! remember when he used to fit under the coffee table?now he's taller than it and his tail does a pretty job of clearing things off too!i stopped on my way home tonight and picked up a special treat for the my not-so-little brown bear cub....a pigs ear! i hear dogs love chewing them so he'll be getting that later on tonight. all this growing up makes me wanna reminisce.....

hard to believe that was only ~4 months ago! tune in tomorrow for our visit with timber and zeke!