Monday, September 22, 2008

foster meets luna

after celebrating the wedding of sarah & josh we scooped up their cat for a 2 week visit while the newlyweds are off honeymooning in hawaii. luna hid out upstairs under our bedspread for a few hours before venturing down to discover there's a little brown bear cub living here too!
hmmmm.....what do we have here?
i've never seen one of those before mumi'll just hang out here till she comes back.....hopefully the next two weeks are uneventful and everyone plays nice! we'll see if luna ventures over the gate at all.
daddy was off fishing last night while all of this was taking place. apparently this is not an impressive catch but it looks pretty darn good to me! and it will taste good tonight for dinner too!

thanks hunny!


  1. Meg, he's all grown up! He's huge!!

  2. That picture is too funny - the stare down! I hope their two weeks together goes well!

  3. Is that a striper? Was Dave ocean fishing?

  4. yes striped bass. yes ocean fishing. yummy!!