Sunday, September 14, 2008


foster has quite alot of love already from lots of different people, especially for being such a young pup! here's a few of the wonderful gifts he has recieved and loves!
i think mr. goose is his favorite toy right now. thanks ken & beth!
he's also intrigued by this new doormat we got the other day. thanks brooke & jonathan!
and just yeseterday we ran over to petco and got him his very own name tag! he looks so handsome in it. it has our address and phone number on it too but i don't think the whole world wide web needs to see that!

thanks for all the love everyone!


  1. Awwww- I can hardly wait to meet him! I like how ferocious he looks biting his stuffed duck- hehe

  2. Puppy teeth!! I think I saved Elvis'.... I do not remember where, I am sure that one day, unsuspecting, I will stumble upon them :) He is quite adorable!!