Friday, September 12, 2008

honeymoon in banff!! 08/30-09/06

after picking out our 3 pups we jetted up to the great white north of alberta canada to banff & jasper national parks for a week long honeymoon! yes it snowed in august up there BUT there exsits some of the most amazing outdoor sights we have ever laid eyes on.
here's some of my favorite pics from our trip
the view from our hotel onto banff
emerald basin hike in yoho national park (just west of banff)
emerald lake, yoho national park
larch valley and sentinal pass hike, near lake louise, banff national park
moraine lake and the valley of the ten peaks (banff)
the athabasca glacier and columbia icefields (border of banff and jasper national parks)
views from the icefields parkway, jasper national park
tonquin valley hike, jasper national park

it was an amazing trip! we were excited to come home and get our new puppy! we said goodbye to celcius and kilometers and hello to foster!!

ahh no worries, eh?


  1. Love the pictures Meg. I remember those puppy days... you will be happy when they are over! The pups are ADORABLE!! I can't wait to hear more about life with Foster.

  2. Who took the pictures of you guys on the honeymoon?!! Did you bring someone else with you? I didn't know we had the option to go with you guys!

  3. dave is the master of setting the timer on the camera! almost all of the pics of us we took!