Wednesday, June 10, 2009

who knew shoes were so tasty?!

well he's finally gone and done it. as of yesterday morning foster is a BAD DOG!!!
first a little background. our usual morning routine goes something like this.......
6-6:15am-meg gets up, lets puppy out, feeds him, then goes back upstairs to get ready for work. puppy usually follows to say good morning to daddy then mills around up or downstairs.
7am-meg leaves to go to work, dave still sleeping, foster left to his own devices in the house.
7:30am-alarm goes off, dave hits snooze
7:40am-dave hits snooze
7:50am-dave hits....well you get the idea. i think he's up by 8am but who knows. then he gets ready and takes the pup with him to work.
well tuesday morning when the alarm went off and DH hit snooze he heard something coming from downstairs.......munch, munch, munch. uh-0h he thought, this can't be good.
dave went downstairs and discovered this....foster has officially destroyed my first pair of footwear! (not to mention a perfectly good roll of tape!) to his credit, he couldn't have picked a better pair. although i wear my teva flips almost everyday, they're only $20, easily replaceable and like 2-3 yrs old so it was time for a new pair anyways. still....what did they every do to you foster?!?!
unfortunately this is not the first pair of footwear he has toyed with in our house. over the winter he ate the leather laces off of dave's wicked good slippers. still perfectly wearable so no harm done there. but about a week or two ago he got into one of hubbys pairs of keen sandals. this time going for the laces again. apparently he has a thing for laces. or had a thing for them. then he encountered my flips laces!! what's a puppy to do?? well you know the outcome-completely destroyed flips! his skills seem to be escalating....he thirst for shoes grows......he's like a wild animal......this is the face of a serial killer of shoes......he's absolutely adorable....and i'm totally gonna stay mad at him for another five minutes, i swear. god help me if he gets into my wicked good slippers tho.


  1. Who could ever stay mad at such an adorable puppy face??????

  2. Hey I bought David the wicked good slippers! Puppy!