Thursday, June 11, 2009

berries and baron!

yesterday after work we ran over to the lovely shelburne farm in stow, ma to pick some strawberries! we went there last year during the fall to pick apples when foster was a wee pup and it was lots of fun. we met my good pal mali and her golden baron there. unfortunately doggies aren't allowed in the strawberry patches (for many good reasons!) so foster and baron hung out in the car while mali and i grabbed some berries. thankfully they didn't tear my backseat apart. however there is an extraordinary amount of fur back there now! after picking we stopped over mali's house for some puppy playtime. these guys haven't seen eachother in a few months and they needed to catch up! slobbering, jumping an biting ensued. mom i simply must have one these! foster was snoozing away after a fun visit!


  1. OK, so that's quite and all. But the Daily Puppy?? Come ON. Foster is playing second fiddle!!

  2. YAY for puppy playtime! YAY for the daily puppy!!!!

  3. strawberries already???? I'm jealous! They look delicious!

    See you soon...


  4. I'm always amazed that the biting is actually fun and doesn't hurt them.

  5. look at those too - they have so much fun together!! Their noses sticking out of the car window always makes me smile :)

    ps Shelburne is more farm fresh strawberries :(