Thursday, June 4, 2009


last sunday marked the triumphant return of a phish summer tour. and we kicked it off in style by hitting up the opening show at where else? fenway park!
thanks to our good friend dave, who seems to be 'the chosen one' as far as getting lottery tix goes, 5 of us all went to the show together. and what a show it was! the band sounded amazing! and for me in particular, it was really cool to see fenway in a different light. no one was seated in the bleachers, the monster seats or on the infield, otherwise the place was packed! i finally got to see ted's red chair in the bleachers! all the big overhead lights were was really weird. but definitely a good time.
favorite pics for the night:
dave-free or destiny unbound
meg-character zero
here's a few pics courtesy of my friend dave and hubby's cell.
pregame at an tua nua (one of my old fav haunts as an early 20-something) the crew the view from dave's seat the view from ours the band started off the show by signing the national anthem from the infield grass! rainbowfenway in the dark can't wait to see the band again this weekend at great woods!!


  1. Hello!
    I was catching up on your blog and saw the post about checking in- so here I am! I'm glad we're not the only ones who have a mallard-sacrafice going on. Bella's favorite toy and also the most beat up is the mallard. I was enjoying the other posts about his misadventures. Its nice to know I'm not the only one feeling guilty about putting her in the crate. talk to you soon!

  2. Any lesbian sightings???? :)