Friday, June 26, 2009


updates: foster is now lifting his leg to pee about 50% of the time! more often each day! he's becoming a grown up puppy. :((
the cap for dave's truck is in and will be installed tomorrow. so puppy will be back to his usual routine of going to work again with daddy but now he'll be sitting in the less destructible bed of the truck. need to get him another, less luxurious, doggie bed for that space this weekend.
in other news......summer race season is upon us! i ran the jp morgan corporate challenge in the lovely back bay of boston last night with about 25 of my co-workers. the race was WAY too crowded (read:12,000 people on comm ave) but we had a good time anyways. it was a 3.5 mile loop from the commons down to kenmore square and back on comm ave.
next month the weston 5 miler and in august the 7 mile falmouth road race! hopefully the weather stays nice so i can keep training!
have a good weekend everyone!!

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  1. My neighbor said he ran the corporate challenge too and described the wall to wall people -yikes! Either way -good for you! Hope all is well...more rain here in Maine, someday we'll have sun!

    Hugs -