Friday, December 5, 2008

the triumphant return of foster and dave

well it hasn't happened yet but they will be returning this evening and i can't wait!!!
hubby has been reporting that foster has been getting lots of loves from many strangers and enjoying his walks on the beach in p-town. he is riding in the backseat of dave's truck outside of his kennel from time-to-time and he even jumped out of the backseat into the bed of the truck thru the slider window! (while it was parked of course)
hubby promised to take some pics of him for the blog while they are away but i wouldn't hold your breath on that. i'll be sure to take a bunch of pics this weekend as we are supposed to have our first couple inches of snow sat night/sunday morning and we're having a visit from ethan, amanda, catie & steve! sure to be lots of fun!
hopefully foster still remembers his mom and will be just as excited to see me tonight as i am to see him!

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