Monday, December 8, 2008

saturday night visit from the fab four

after an afternoon frolicking in and around our hudson neighborhood we had visitors! catie & steve and ethan & amanda came over for lasagna and music-sharing. i even broke out the good dishes and placemats and everything!
foster had a nice time visiting with everyone. and he had no problem cozing up with ethan on the floor. forgetting again that he's a bit too big for laps these days!
and of course he made time to get some loves from one of his favorite friends, amanda.
sunday morning we woke up to snow flurries! nothing major but little fos has only seen snow once before so he was bouncing around the yard. he and catie had lots of fun playing fetch!
we all hoped into the truck to go cut down a christmas tree in nearby grafton. but we arrived to discover the price of tree has gone up to $45!! to cut your own!! we balked and then proceeded to come back home.
foster now sits in the backseat of dave's truck outside of his travel kennel. it's pretty cute to turn around and see him sitting there.
the search continues for a moderately priced tree! we'll hopefully be getting one later this week!


  1. We paid $40 to cut our own on Saturday. :-((

    Backseat driver!! Toooooooo cute.

  2. Awww- I had so much fun playing with my friend Foster. That stick was a great find! Thanks for having us over.

    Trees are so expensive trees this year- we STILL ended up paying $45! Any luck with yours?

  3. we haven't looked again yet. hopefully tomorrow when the weather is better.

  4. Looks alot like my chocolate. Love labs!!!!