Monday, December 15, 2008

bath time!

well after getting slobbered on by a black lab with a bit of a drooling problem yesterday on our walk at gates pond, foster developed a bit of a strange odor. anyone who has ever had a puppy knows that puppies have a distinct smell that is MUCH nicer than an adult dog. i've definitely noticed a friend or two of ours comment on foster's puppy smell with delight! so i decided that tonight was the night for foster's first bath since i want that smell back! dave was a bit apprehensive at first so he was the designated photog. there was a brief mutiny at one point and foster tried to jump out of the tub but overall he was a very good boy!
first we started with a quick rinse, with some help from a pitcher.....then a generous lather with some puppy shampoo from petco......
hmmm......that feels nice......
considering an exit strategy.....waiting for the tub to drain and get dried off......oh that puppy doesn't look very happy
daddy pitched in for the rinsing and drying

after some treats and praise i think foster recovered from the whole bath event unscathed! and now he smells like baby powder, which is just fine with me!


  1. What a good boy. I LOLed when I saw the displeased photo.

  2. Yay!!! Clean Foster!!! Murphy tries to escape the tub too!