Tuesday, February 16, 2010

where is foster the puppy?

sorry to MIA again readers! we painted our office over the weekend and the computer is still not hooked back up yet! this is due to the fact that we got 2 gallons of paint from 2 different lowes stores and although they are supposed to be the same color, alas they are not. so dave wants to put another coat of paint on from the second store so it will all even out. i love that my husband is as OCD as me! :)
on top of that westminster is on TV this week as are the winter olympics! so i have been very lazy in the evening under many blankets.
hopefully everything will be squared away soon and i will be back to blogging! i have several posts lined up of the amazing adventures of foster the puppy!
stay tuned.......


  1. Thanks for the notification.

  2. You can bring puppy over for a play date! :)