Thursday, February 4, 2010


last weekend auntie laura & uncle tri came to visit! auntie laura to see puppy & uncle tri to see us. you see uncle tri is not a big dog-person. foster of course can tell this and constantly tries to win him over. jumping up and slobbering on his jacket may not be the way to do it but that didn't stop him from trying!
would you like to see my headless pheasant? why are your hands up there? they can't pet me from way up there! please pet me! please oh please oh please!!!!after a few tries & dave & i blocking him from getting there he eventually let tri be.which left plenty of time to give loves to auntie laura, who was more than happy to oblige.
loves in the sunummm excuse me? uh yeah you stopped petting me. can we fix that? how can you resist this face? :)


  1. Very cute pictures. I love how he puts his paw on you to get your attention.
    We may need a Foster fix soon.

  2. Hey! I came to see you and David too! I just use Foster as an excuse! I love to see puppy (secretly so does Tri!!) Hope to see you and David soon. (Foster too! :))