Tuesday, February 23, 2010

down at the river

i'm back! the office is back to normal, well really we're in a transitional phase but the computer is plugged in again! so i can finally catch up on some way overdue blog posts! more to come on the office later....
sometime in the last few weeks puppy & i took a walk down to the river for some chilly winter exercise. i snapped a few pics of the frolicking & scenery.....one of these pics in particular reminded me of another visit to the river a long time ago...
october 2008and then a week or so ago, feb 2010 ahh they grow up so fast!
so y'know it's winter up here. new england in february is chilly chilly. does that stop foster from jumping in the river? i'll let the pics answer that.....once we got back to the house i notice his wet fur had frozen! crazy puppy!!


  1. Oh I want baby Foster back.......:(

  2. I love that puppy!!! and I agree with Mum....baby Foster was so damn cute!

  3. I love this post! What a happy puppy :)