Monday, December 6, 2010

foster's in charge

hello readers. lately mommy has been quite busy with this new little creature that showed up at our house. i've been told he is my little brother & i am to watch out for him.
i have decided to take over the blog for a little bit since i know you all are dying to know what i'm up to. last week i went to work with daddy all week. instead of his usual work spot we hung out at upton state forest & checked deer. i had loads of fun meeting all sorts of people and running around.
then this week we're back at daddy's usual work spot with my girlfriend the muppet!
life is a bit crazy back home but i'm getting used to having my new friend around. more to come soon!
woof, foster


  1. YAY for the muppet!

    Foster, you are a very good typer. No spelling errors! Even with your big paws. Good boy!

  2. How does Foster react to the deer that come in?