Tuesday, December 7, 2010

keeping an eye on my little bro

hello again folks. part of my duties as a big brother are to keep an eye on the little guy, especially when he's on the floor, which is kinda my area of expertise.
the little man usually spends some time on a colorful mat flailing his arms & legs around. not really sure what he's doing but i like to keep an eye on him when he's down at my level.
mommy & daddy have started running the pellet stove & i am back to my usual winter spot in front of the fire.
hmmm......toasty warm.


  1. I love Jason's work out routine on the pad.
    What a cute pair!

  2. jason and ella have the same activity mat! so cute.

  3. Foster, you are doing a great job watching the little guy! I see you still love being on Daddy's leg! Keep up the good work and remember...Aunt Laura loves you and Jason!!