Monday, November 22, 2010

how is foster doing?

after checking to see how the baby, mommy & daddy are doing this is the next question that everyone keeps asking us. so far puppy seems kinda indifferent towards jason. he has sniffed him a bit while wagging his tail but otherwise no real interest. as usual he seems most concerned with daddy. and daddy has been making sure to take puppy out on walks every day so he is not neglected.
here's a few pics with puppy over the last week....
family photo
we are not worried about foster tho. he will be just fine and we're sure best buds with jase in due time.


  1. Love the family photo!! Too cute!!

  2. There are no words.

    I intro-ed the little man today over at GooGooGoingsOn!

  3. So wonderful- he is really adorable Meg- I hope you are sleeping a bit :)