Tuesday, November 2, 2010


we had a bit of a jack-o-lantern snafu for halloween this year. i bought one of those pumpkins with the warts on it because i thought it would be kinda fun to incorporate the bumps into the face. well it turns out those kinds of pumpkins are like 4 inches thick & impossible to carve. we went to a lil halloween get-together sat night to carve pumpkins & our host had to use a saw, yes literally a real outdoor saw, the remove the top. so no big jack-o-lantern for the scarp house or it's trick-or-treaters this year. i laid it on it's side & put a big spider in it instead. luckily i had 3 small pumpkins decorating the stairs that i whipped up a quick "boo" in.
here's a few pics of the finished display....
we had a decent number of kids come by & they all kept saying "boo!" at the pumpkins so i guess it worked out!


  1. Where's candy corn bear????
    Foster is so cute posed there! What a good boy! I'm happy to see he doesn't have a costume on! Man, I hate that!

  2. Foster should have a witch hat on. Sorry Marisa.