Wednesday, April 7, 2010


on our way down to CT last weekend we made our usual stop at cabelas in east hartford so DH could pick up a few things. puppy & i usually stay outside & hang out. it was a beautiful day out & we frolicked by a pond filled with canada geese. puppy being the good bird dog that he is took quite an interest in the geese.of course it's impossible to keep foster out of the water. lately one of foster's favorite outdoor activities, especially when he's a bit wet, is to roll around on his back in the grass. sometimes it's to dry off, other time i think he's just entertaining himself. either way it's hilarious to watch.ahh the life of a puppy......


  1. What a good.boy.

  2. What a good.brown.boy.

  3. Indeed the life of a puppy!!