Friday, April 16, 2010


while we were away in d.c. last weekend puppy was at club med for brown dogs, also known as ken & beth's house. he had cut one of the pads of his feet the night before we left (are you surprised?) so he was restricted to limited play & no walks. that didn't stop him from taking every possible opportunity to run outside & lay in the puddle on ken & beth's pool cover tho!
beth sent me this pic the day after we left....seriously this dog is crazy! it is impossible to keep him out of the water!
as always k&b were amazing caretakers, even tho i'm sure they were not thrilled to be constantly mopping up water from foster's frequent puddle hopping!
i am very happy to report that foster did not give us the cold shoulder upon our return! i think he was simply too exhausted from playing with timmy & zeke for 4 days to put up a fuss.
many thanks again to k&b for always taking in our crazy brown dog!
have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Puppy!! Who wouldn't love the water on a nice day!!

  2. K&B are lucky we want foster for one of these vacations :(