Friday, October 16, 2009

puppy the co-pilot

last weekend dave was away and i was heading down to CT. so puppy spent saturday night at auntie laura & uncle tri's house. usually we transport foster in dave's truck but since he was already away my car would have to do. well it turns out foster's crate does not fit in my trunk so i had to put it in the backseat, which means puppy was my co-pilot! i was a bit nervous and he was very fidgety but it was only a 30 minute drive so we survived!
in other news.....we're off to SC tomorrow for a mini vaca so puppies foster will be on hiatus next week. foster will be staying at club med for puppies, otherwise known as ken & beth's house, so i'm sure he won't even miss us. have a good week y'all!

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