Tuesday, October 6, 2009

lost toys

we seemed to have somehow lost one of puppy's favorite toys (i realize i say this often, but he has several favorites), his nylabone. not sure if it's at someone's house or lost in our yard but it's been gone for some time now. so, while at target last week i picked a new one up (along with a doggie bed and his new duckie....yes i have issues).foster is very happy to have it back!toys also temporarily disappear under furniture from time to time too. i recently found his blue life is good ball and he was very pleased to see that one again too! he dropped it in his water bowl and there was some amount of difficulty getting it out! after just about all the water was splashed out onto the floor the ball was retrieved. ahhh the life of a brown bear cub...


  1. Goodness. VERY important work to do.

  2. YAY for the land of lost toys....(Target)