Tuesday, February 17, 2009

what? i can't hear you

ohhh rabbit! how foster loves thee! since you arrived on christmas you have quickly become his best buddy. and how does foster show his love? by chewing and tearing away at rabbit's ears and removing the fur from his head!
i got up one morning last week and found this on the floor at first i thought it was a leaf but after tracking down rabbit my fears were realized when i discovered rabbit had suffered the same fate as that cop in reservoir dogs and vincent van gogh...what'd i do? what!? well we're keeping rabbit in the rotation. hopefully foster resists the urge to become the next mr. blonde.


  1. Poor Mr. Rabbit.
    Look at those jowls on Foster! They are bigger than mine.

  2. That poor rabbit! He should go to the same place that Pongo went to when he need repair - do you remember that David?

  3. My Goodness!! And that rabbit had been nothing but a bestest friend to Foster!