Thursday, February 19, 2009

home improvements!

we were very busy last weekend painting and updating our living room. i must say DH is very handy around the house! look at this laundry list of things he's done!
  • he has replaced all the two-pronged outlets with three-pronged ones
  • he's replaced all the outlet and light-switch plate covers
  • he's replaced the air vents covers with new ones that actually open and close
  • he's in the process of replacing all the light switches and rewiring the 3-way switches
on top of all that he and i painted the living room last weekend too! we are using valspar paint from lowes. the living room is now jungle chameleon green! check it out....check out the new curtains too! and the beautiful lamp my parents got us for our wedding! this weekend we'll be tackling the dining room with updates and paint. stay tuned next week for more updates!