Tuesday, February 3, 2009

foster's morning routine

lately foster has developed a pretty standard routine in the morning. i'm usually up around 6-6:15am and i let puppy outside to take care of his business. while he's out i make his food. even tho he has big boy teeth we still soak his food in water so he eats it a bit slower. and by a bit slower i mean about 20-30 seconds. we usually feed him bfast and dinner in his kennel. lately, when he's finished bfast, he comes out of his kennel with his mallard in his mouth. mallard is one of foster's original stuffed toys from when he was a baby. we refer to it as his binky since he sleeps with it every night and occasionally carries it around. in fact, they were introduced on the day we brought foster home. anyway, so he comes running out of his kennel with mallard and then runs upstairs to find dave. dave reaches a hand out from under the covers and pets him while he makes all these funny grunting noises. after a few minutes of that he takes off again back downstairs to drink some water, which he sometimes drops mallard into, and go back out again.
foster starts each day with quite alot of excitement and exuberance. i guess he loves life!
stay tuned for a post on his first visit to maine!


  1. I think it might be a youthful exuberance thing. We have 3 of those types around here too. But somehow I continue to be a grumpy morning grown-up!