Thursday, July 7, 2011

quick trip to vacationland

we zipped up to maine last weekend for niece maya's 6th birthday. puppy stayed home with auntie ang & unkie mike since 4hrs sharing the backseat with lil man would not equal very much fun for him. we heard he was his usual celebrity self down at the beach at fort meadow. playing fetch in the water and getting loves from the lifeguard.
we enjoyed a nice visit with the S family in cape e. jason refused to do much napping but we survived relatively unscathed.
dave & sis jen
cousin katie with the lil man
i got u grandpa!
big eyes matthew
littlest with godfather/uncle DJ
fun with daddy
look forward to seeing u all again soon!


  1. So handsome!

    love you!


  2. it appears as though uncle DJ has fallen victim to the dark side... look at him smiling with that baby in the yankees bib... my plan is coming together nicely!!! mu hu ha ha ha ha