Wednesday, July 20, 2011

3 years old today!!!! and 33 years yesterday...

foster turns three today! he welcomed the day cuddling in bed with daddy, a favorite past-time. he will spend the day at work with daddy, hopefully having lots of puppy fun.
DH says i am to stop calling him puppy b/c now that he is 3 he is officially just a dog. i feel like he says this every year! i refuse. he will always be puppy to me!!
tonight he will be brought to petco to pick out a birthday toy or treat for his special day!
and yesterday was daddy's birthday! he will be celebrating with a custom-made fishing rod (shocker) and a new power-washer! and yet another fishing trip this weekend....
happy birthday to two of my boys!! love you!

p.s.-more posts to come soon. i have pics, etc just no time!! on vaca next two weeks so i will catch up! stay tuned!!


  1. Happy Birthday Puppy!! We'll have some fun playing tomorrow!!

  2. Just like my babies!

  3. happy birthday to dave and foster!!!!
    christie :)