Thursday, March 10, 2011

ohh luxury!

after 2.5yrs foster's original puppy bed has kicked the dust. you may remember seeing it back in the fall of 2008.....
ohh puppy used to be so little! he has enjoyed the comfort of that bed everyday since then!
but unfortunately after frequent use, frequent washings and even mending with a needle & thread the $40 woolrich bed is worn out.
i managed to convince myself (& hubby) that frequent purchases of cheaper beds does not make as much sense as a one-time purchase of a much more luxurious dog bed. so without further adieu i bring you foster's new digs......
just so there's no confusion who this belongs to (altho i'm sure daddy & baby may still use it)
this is an llbean large-sized premium denim rectangular dog bed. their website says the extra-large bed is for dogs 70lbs and over but when i compared the measurements the large-sized bed seemed more appropriate. it is almost the same size as the woolrich bed and we just don't have a ton of floor space for anything any more luxurious!
at first puppy seemed hesitant but then he settled right in!
i was told there was a lot of snoring last night!


  1. I love it! So glad that he loves it too! Enjoy your day with your parents. xoxoxo


  2. How wonderful! Foster doesn't look so sad anymore!! Maybe auntie can lay on it as well when she visits!! :) It looks so luxurious!!

  3. Oh my goodness.....puppy was so tiny!!!

  4. Opted for the cheaper bed for our dog and he has turned his nose up, since he prefers to lounge on our chair. Or couch, or daybed :) Foster is beautiful and so is Jason!!