Monday, March 28, 2011

gates pond

on saturday daddy took puppy to gates pond for a nice, and somewhat chilly, walk. last week puppy was stuck at home with mommy & baby almost all week and was quite bored. as a result he dug a rather large hole in the backyard next to the grill. he kept coming in the house with dirt on his paws & nose. i finally saw the hole & figured it out. so some exercise was in order and it was a bit too cold for baby to go along so daddy took foster & the camera. the sun is getting a bit stronger and most of the snow is gone but the reservoir itself was still frozen.
ready to go dad
posing by the water (yes he went in)
sniffing around
and of course, running
this is a picture of happiness (i LOVE this pic)
thanks for taking some pics for the blog hunny!!!
till next time.....


  1. Love, love, love that last picture! It is awesome. Such a handsome boy. xoxoxo


  2. Oh Meg. These pics are FABULOUS! The last one is my favorite pic of puppy yet!!!!

  3. Such a good puppy!!