Wednesday, September 15, 2010

musings of a pregnant woman

so i have just about reached the end of my 2nd trimester. on sunday the final stretch will begin. lately i have been getting more & more bonehead comments from people (especially men!) regarding my size. i have decided to share some of my favorites with you readers in hopes of teaching a few of you what NOT to say to a pregnant lady & of course to give you all a few laughs too. mom's out there please feel free to share any good one's you've heard over the years too!
BH=bonehead making comment

this was ~16 wks when i "popped"...
BH: you look big, is the baby big?
me: no he's the size he should be at this point.
BH: oh, well maybe it's just fat.

this was last week....
BH: when are you due?
me: december 12th
BH: ohh, are you having twins?

this was today...
BH: when are you due?
me: december 12th
BH: that's going to be a big baby.

things you should say to a pregnant lady (i'm giving credit to the lovely people who have said these!):
CS/BF: you are the cutest pregnant lady ever!
DH: aren't you cute!?!
many smart women: you look great!
GB: i love your pregnancy wardrobe! it is really working for you!

thus concludes today's lesson. i promise to be back soon with more of foster the puppy and less B&M-ing about the wonderful world of pregnancy. :)


  1. all I can say. Glad to be included in this!! :)

  2. haha- oh men- I am sure you are a gorgeous pregnant lady! Hang in there! It is nice to keep track of these musings, you should think of starting a baby blog too!
    Does Fern have a new "brother/sister" yet?! I am putting in my formal request for info! :)

  3. Bonehead comment for my MOTHER......

    Oh, you must be having a boy this time around, cuz you are carrying really wide in your ass.

  4. oh my gosh... I think that there should be some form of punishment for such ridiculous statements!!!