Wednesday, September 8, 2010

love for the walls at last

we FINALLY got around to hanging up some art on our walls a few weekends ago.
i got this awesome williams sonoma blue fin tuna plate for christmas last year. we have yet to use it and thought it might look pretty nice up on the bare walls of our kitchen. of course if DH catches a tuna someday we will def take it down & make good use of it!
i bought this painting a while back for dave. it's a painting of a drake mallard duck decoy. i got a matte cut for it & then finally got to michaels & bought a nice frame for it. we hung it up above the couch in the living room and we LOVE it.
i framed this old print that i have been carrying around for a while now for the upstairs bathroom...
our good friend matt made this beautiful plate for us as a wedding gift 2 years ago. we finally decided to hang it up in our bedroom as a reminder of our favorite day....
we also swapped out a few items on the walls in the dining room. we removed a framed photo from banff & put up this fun parsley pic (from christmas tree shop!).
and we hung up a piece of pottery from my trip to seville a few years ago. i don't have a pic of that so you'll have to take my word for it that it looks lovely!
next......the office/guestroom is continuing it's makeover. more on that in a month (?) or so hopefully! and of course the nursery!


  1. Awesome!! Love the wall love.

  2. Wonderful home improvements!!! Looking forward to seeing future updates!!!!

  3. You have very nice things. You are so lucky.

  4. Mum is right! Love the pic for the bathroom!