Wednesday, March 24, 2010

we're back...and with a friend!

yeah yeah yeah, we've been gone for too long. i'm glad so many of you enjoy the blog & miss it when it's on hiatus.
anyhoo, foster the puppy has had a pretty fun week as far as dog's go. last weekend the weather was simply beautiful! 70 degrees on saturday with plenty of sunshine. almost makes us forget about the 10 inches of rain we got the weekend before (which severly screwed up my commuting last week!). on top of good weather he had a friend visiting too! finn the german shorthaired pointer has been here since last thursday. finn belongs to one of dave's co-workers so he & puppy have enjoyed many fun times together already.
they have frolicked & played pretty much nonstop since last thursday. some fetch in the backyard with daddy at duski think foster likes having a buddy to hang out with. don't go getting any ideas DH! this house is not big enough for another dog!


  1. Yay!!

    I miss BIAB.

  2. That first pic their faces look so much the same! Look forward to seeing you guys!!!


  3. Puppies!! So much fun seeing them together!

  4. In the second picture, Finn looks like the demon dog from hell.

  5. I loved visiting with you guys and meeting Finn! What a dog - it is obvious that Foster does love the company but in one of the pictures he looks exhausted!