Monday, March 15, 2010

i got nuthin'

not much going on in these parts lately. home improvements continue. we bought a new living room set. once we pick it up & have it set up i'll share pics. i've been working on reorganizing closet space (thrilling) & we're still working out the layout of the office/guestroom. i've started reading up on gardening for the upcoming season! making plans for a fun crop once the ground thaws. not to mention big landscaping plans! i'm getting a hydrangea & a couple peonies this spring whether DH helps me or not!
it rained here ALL weekend. a true spring noreaster. 40mph winds, driving rain & temps in the 40's. unfortunately we're just not as tough as we used to be & we decided to skip our annual st. patty's day road race rather than run in that crap. catie & steve are WAY tougher than us & still carried on the tradition. good job guys!
all rain and no fun makes brown puppies a bit stir crazy. one big raw hide bone has improved things somewhat. however nothing fun to report in puppy world these days. we're all anxiously awaiting spring & more daylight! hopefully this week will deliver & there will be more blogging to come!
i leave you with an old pic i just rediscovered the other day....


  1. What a cute picture. Can't wait for more puppy pics.

  2. i just can't stand it... he's such a beautiful brown puppy...