Thursday, January 7, 2010

the wedding shrine

so back in august 2008, right around the time this blog started, dave & i got married. :) one of our favorite wedding gifts was from our minister jeff & his wife kathy. they gave us a beautiful nantucket basket that jeff himself made. the only time i cried throughout the whole wedding weekend was when i opened that gift.
for quite some time after that we pondered how to display the basket without damaging it in any way. i questioned my friend meg (jeff's daughter) for ideas too when i saw her this summer. in the end we decided to get a shelf to display the basket on. i bought one at the craft store a while ago and finally got around to painting it over the holiday break. i painted it white to match the trim in our living room and my handyman hubby hung it up for me.i also bought a white picture frame for that room a while back too and decided some wedding pics would go along nicely to display with the basket. one of those pics is from BF brooke's wedding too!here's the finished product on the wall by the front door in our living room. positioned nicely above the birch wood table my parents gave us as a shower gift. dave now refers to this area as the wedding shrine.


  1. Beautiful! I cried when you opened that gift too. Maybe you should have some candles burning on the shrine?

  2. It looks lovely! :)


  3. I love the wedding shrine! I can't wait to put one up!!!