Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the gala

last weekend marked my 6th annual winter gala. all the while i was snapping pics i was hearing my dear co-workers saying, "this better not end up on your blog!" or maybe it was just christie saying that.
anyhoo, in honor of the 6 gala's i've been to i thought i would post some of my fav gala pics of the good friends who help me through the mundays at work.
don't worry guys i only had my camera at 4 galas and i won't embarass any of you here....
Jan 20-the state room, boston
my all time fav gala picJan 2007-the state room, bostonJan 2008-gilette stadium clubhouse, foxboro
damn you mali!gotta put a pick of my super cute hubby with his short haircut in (hint hint)
Jan 2010-park plaza, boston ahh good times! thanks peeps!
sorry there hasn't been much blogging lately, i have no puppy fun to post these days! this weekend we start winter paint projects so hopefully i'll have some pics of that next week!


  1. great pics! love the short haircut too! :)

  2. Nice pictures. Where did it take place this year?

  3. great picture of the short hair!! (not you Meg, but David!!!)