Friday, July 10, 2009

july 4th float

fourth of july weekend was our first in MA in a long time and we really enjoyed it! the rain FINALLY ended and it was a sunny, beautiful weekend! THANK GOD!!
on sunday we took a short trip down the assabet river in our canoe with foster. he was in a canoe once as a small pup but this was our first trip out together with him. he proved, as usual, to be a very good boy! he moved around at first which caused the canoe to rock a bit and list to one side. but eventually he settled down and sat towards the back with daddy and enjoyed the sights.a great blue heron flying i finally bought myself one of those seats with a back that you attach to the canoe bench so you can lean back and really get your lounge on. it was spectacular! although they don't read this i gotta give a shout out to stevie and angie who got us the beans gift card for our wedding that we have finally started using! thanks guys!
we're heading down to CT today for dave's cousin katie's wedding! #3 out of 6 for the year!
then next week i'm heading up to maine for a few days to relax at the beach with my sis and nephews. wait a sec.....three boys age 6 & 4....maybe less relaxing and more summertime fun!
so puppies foster will likely be on hiatus for about a week. don't miss us too much!


  1. Those seats are great! Our friends in Maine had one in their canoe- I had never seen them before. Very comfy. Enjoy your vacation!