Tuesday, July 21, 2009

a blurry day-updated

yesterday was a bit of a blur for puppy. the day had finally arrived that foster would loose his manhood. before you go calling dave and i mean and insensitive to do that to him on his birthday it was the ONLY time this summer we had 10-12 days free for him to heal. and dave wants him nice and healthy by fall when big time retriever training starts. it was pretty upsetting seeing him when i got home last night. he was very groggy and wobbly. i guess the anesthesia takes a little while to wear off. but after an hour or two he was already looking much better.
update: daddy had to take foster back today and fit him with a cone. seems there was some unsupervised licking going on and messing up the stitches.
so there won't be much news to report on this week as foster is healing and getting back to being a normal 1 year old puppy! not don't worry tho...i have some other pics and stories from the last week or so to report on in the meantime! stay tuned!
get well puppy!!


  1. I didn't know that it was his birthday! Poor puppy!! Feel better and Happy Birthday!1

  2. Hapy birthday Foster. :-((( A cone for a birthday gift.

  3. Happy Belated Brown Bear. Now that you're one, must we stop calling you brown bear cub??????? I hope you're feeling better. Refrain from licking, biting and scratching yourself!!!!!!!!

  4. Awwww! It is so sad how dejected they get when the cone comes out... King Pup won't even walk when it is on :) I hope Foster is feeling all better!