Sunday, March 22, 2009

rest in peace kaya

a couple of years ago DH signed me up for emails from a website called the daily puppy. as you probably guessed that means i get puppy pics emailed to me daily. it's a genius idea really. shortly after i started getting these emails i met kaya the great dane. she was (obviously) a great dane puppy and was one of the cutest puppies i had ever seen! i began telling dave i wanted to get one. lucky for me her mom had started a photoblog chronicling her adventures. naturally i started reading it everyday. eventually kaya got a great dane sister luna and the blog was upgraded to include both their adventures!
then of course about 7 months ago we got foster and i decided to start a blog of my own. kaya, luna and their mum charlotte were part of my inspiration for starting my own puppy blog. eventually i emailed charlotte to tell her i loved her blog and that i had started my own.
i was devastated this evening when i opened my google reader to discover kaya had passed away over the weekend. she was only 2 years old. she had mouth cancer and was having difficulty breathing. it all happened so fast.
i wanted to dedicate a post to kaya and send luna and their mum and dad my condolences. she was a brilliant puppy model (mum is an amazing photographer) and you could tell she had a love of life. she lived a great puppy life with her sis luna and her parents who were always taking her on fun adventures to the beach in the beautiful gold coast of australia where they live. kaya touched so many peoples lives all over the world with her big smile! i am all the way on the other side of the globe in Massachusetts writing this!
rest in peace kaya. you will be missed.....all of these pics are from kaya's blogs, courtesy of her mom-charlotte reeves photography. please check out her blog for more pics and adventures of great danes in australia:
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  1. OMG. That's horrible. Thank goodness for a passing that was peaceful and full of love.

  2. How very sad. What a short life. But it was a life filled with love and companionship. Sorry Kaya.

  3. Meg - thanks for this lovely tribute to my darling Kaya. You've chosen some of my favourite photos for your post. I'm glad she touched people in a positive way and even inspired you to start your own blog! Thanks again... kisses to your gorgeous Foster from Miss Luna xxoo